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Lladro - Little Violet

LladroLittle VioletHeight (cm)17Width (cm)9 Length(cm)6Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Littlest Clown -30%

Lladro - Littlest Clown

Glossy porcelain figurine of a small Pierrot with a bunch of balloons in one hand decorated wit..

$266.00 $187.00

Lladro - Lolita

Lladro LolitaHeight (in): 7.48 Width (in): 3.937 Length (in): 2.756Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Lord Balaji (Limited Edition)

Lladro Lord Balaji (Limited Edition) Height (in): 26.378 Width (in): 17.717 Length (i..


Lladro - Lord Ganesha

Porcelain sculpture of the Hindu god of knowledge and wisdom. It has a matte finish with gloss accen..


Lladro - Lord Ganesha Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)

Lladro  Lord Ganesha Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)Height (in): 3.937 Width (in): 3.937&..


Lladro - Lord Ganesha Lithophane

Lladro Lord Ganesha Lithophane Height (in): 4.724 Width (in): 3.543 Length (in): 3.54..


Lladro - Lord Rama Lithophane

Lithophany in matte white porcelain for home decoration with a white porcelain plate and Lord Rama's..


Lladro - Lord Shiva

Sculpture of the Hindu god Lord Shiva in white porcelain with gold luster and handmade flowers...


Lladro - Lost Lamb Nativity -15%

Lladro - Lost Lamb Nativity

Porcelain glossy shepherd kneeling with a little sheep in arms figurine...

$275.00 $234.00

Lladro - Love Letters Cupid

Figurine angel in glossy porcelain wearing a big bag full of pink hearts and a blue cap...


Lladro - Loving Protection

Lladro Loving ProtectionHeight (cm)13Width (cm)9 Length(cm)6Made In Spain ..


Lladro - Loving Touch

Lladro Loving Touch Height (in): 14.173 Width (in): 7.48 Length (in): 4.724Made in Sp..


Lladro - Lucky Cat

Lladro Lucky CatHeight (cm)10Width (cm)8 Length(cm)6Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Madonna Nativity -35%

Lladro - Madonna Nativity

Lladro Madonna NativityHeight (cm)18Width (cm)13Length (cm)6Made in Spain..

$160.00 $104.00

Lladro - Making Rounds

Lladro Making RoundsHeight (in): 13.78 Width (in): 5.512 Length (in): 4.331Made in Spain&n..


Lladro - Male Doctor

Lladro  Male DoctorHeight (cm)31Width (cm)10Length(cm)9 Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Marilyn Monroe

MARILYN MONROEIssue Year: 2014 Sculptor: Javier MolinaSize: 14½x16¼ " ..


Lladro - May Flowers Girl -15%

Lladro - May Flowers Girl

Lladro May Flowers GirlHeight (in): 6.693 Width (in): 2.756 Length (in): 3.543Made in Spai..

$420.00 $357.00

Lladro - Mommy's Little Girl

Lladro Mommy's Little GirlHeight (cm)27Width (cm)22Length(cm)17Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Mridangam Ganesha (Limited Edition)

Porcelain figurine of the Hindu god Lord Ganesha, with a human body and the head of an elephant, pla..


Lladro - Mulan

Height (in): 9.50Width (in): 4.75Year Issued: 2018Sculptor:  Eva Maria Cuerva..


Lladro - My Debut Ballet Girl

Glossy porcelain figurine of a dancing girl in a tutu dress, gold-colored crown embracing a bouquet ..