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Lladro - Giselle Reverence -15%

Lladro - Giselle Reverence

Lladro - Giselle Reverence Height (cm)28Width(cm)20Length(cm) 13Made in Spain ..

$655.00 $557.00

Lladro - Give Me A Hug!

Glossy porcelain figurine of two girls giving each other a hug along with their puppy...


Lladro - Goddess Lakshmi Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)

Lladro  Goddess Lakshmi Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)Height (in): 3.937 Width (in): 3.9..


Lladro - Goddess Lakshmi Lithophane

Lladro Goddess Lakshmi LithophaneHeight (in): 4.724 Width (in): 3.543 Length (in): 3.543Ma..


Lladro - Goddess Sri Lakshmi -35%

Lladro - Goddess Sri Lakshmi

Lladro  Goddess Sri Lakshmi Height (cm)22Width (cm)18Length (cm)16Made in Spain ..

$1,720.00 $1,118.00

Lladro - Golden Retreiver

Lladro Golden Retreiver Height (in): 5.512 Width (in): 5.118 Length (in): 4.331Made i..


Lladro - Golf Champion

Lladro  Golf Champion Height (in)17.717Width (in)10.236Length (in)7.874Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Golfer Man

Glossy porcelain figurine of a golf player with silver plated steel stick in address position next t..


Lladro - Goodnight My Angel -35%

Lladro - Goodnight My Angel

Size: 13¾x3½ "Glossy porcelain figurine of a mother in a long white nightie making a tender gesture ..

$395.00 $257.00

Lladro - Griselle Arabesque

Lladro Griselle ArabesqueHeight (cm)28Width (cm)18Length(cm) 21Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Grumpy

Lladro Grumpy Height (cm)13Width (cm)9Length (cm)7Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Hansel and Gretel

HANSEL AND GRETELIssue Year: 2012 Sculptor: Francisco PolopeSize: 7½x4¼ "..


Lladro - Happy Anniversary Couple

Lladro  Happy Anniversary CoupleHeight (in): 12.598 Width (in): 8.268 Length (in): 5...


Lladro - Happy Birthday Girl

Lladro Happy Birthday GirlHeight (in): 7.874 |Width (in): 3.15 |Length (in): 3.543Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Heaven's Harvest 60th AN -30%

Lladro - Heaven's Harvest 60th AN

Lladro Heaven's Harvest 60th ANHeight (cm)17Width (cm)10Length (cm)14Made in Spain ..

$565.00 $396.00

Lladro - Heavenly Love Angel

Porcelain angel figurine of a bright little girl with her bunny rabbit in her arms and tiara of flow..


Lladro - Heavenly Stars Angel

Lladro  Heavenly Stars AngelHeight (in): 7.48 Width (in): 4.724 Length (in): 3.15Made..


Lladro - Heavenly Strings -15%

Lladro - Heavenly Strings

Porcelain figurine of an angel child with a satin finish mandolin and soft colors...

$365.00 $311.00

Lladro - Hello, Little Squirrel -35%

Lladro - Hello, Little Squirrel

Lladro Hello, Little SquirrelHeight (in): 7.874 Width (in): 5.512 Length (in): 4.331Made i..

$735.00 $478.00

Lladro - Her Commencement

Lladro Her CommencementHeight (cm): 31 Width (cm): 12 Length (cm): 10Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Hina Dolls Festival (Limited Edition)

Lladro - Hina Dolls Festival (Limited Edition)Height (cm)28Width (cm)55Length (cm)28Made in Spain..


Lladro - His Commencement

Lladro His CommencementHeight (cm)31Width (cm)12Length (cm)10Made of Spain ..


Lladro - How Do You Do Duck

Lladro  How Do You Do DuckHeight (cm): 12Width (cm): 10Length (cm): 8Made in Spain..


Lladro - I Love You Truly

Lladro I Love You TrulyHeight (cm)37Width (cm)16Length (cm)14Made in Spain..