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Lladro - Bansuri Ganesha

Lladro Bansuri Ganesha Height (cm)23 Width (cm)19 Length (cm)15 Made in Spain..


Lladro - Base for Ganesh

Lladro  Base for Ganesh Size: 2¼x7½ "Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Goddess Lakshmi Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)

Lladro  Goddess Lakshmi Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)Height (in): 3.937 Width (in): 3.9..


Lladro - Goddess Lakshmi Lithophane

Lladro Goddess Lakshmi LithophaneHeight (in): 4.724 Width (in): 3.543 Length (in): 3.543Ma..


Lladro - Goddess Sri Lakshmi -35%

Lladro - Goddess Sri Lakshmi

Lladro  Goddess Sri Lakshmi Height (cm)22Width (cm)18Length (cm)16Made in Spain ..

$1,720.00 $1,118.00

Lladro - Lithophane Votive Light - Om

Lladro Lithophane Votive Light - OmHeight (cm)12Width (cm)9Length (cm)9Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Lord Balaji (Limited Edition)

Lladro Lord Balaji (Limited Edition) Height (in): 26.378 Width (in): 17.717 Length (i..


Lladro - Lord Ganesha Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)

Lladro  Lord Ganesha Decorative Plate (Golden Luster)Height (in): 3.937 Width (in): 3.937&..


Lladro - Lord Ganesha Lithophane

Lladro Lord Ganesha Lithophane Height (in): 4.724 Width (in): 3.543 Length (in): 3.54..


Lladro - Om Plate

Lladro Om PlateHeight (cm)10Width (cm)10Length (cm)5Made in Spain..


Lladro - Radha Krishna

Lladro Radha Krishna Height (cm)45Width (cm)33 Length(cm)26Made in Spain ..


Lladro - Rama and Sita

Lladro  Rama and SitaHeight (cm)47Width (cm)30Length (cm)15Made in Spain ..