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Lladro - A Barrow Of Fun

Glossy porcelain girl figurine with a hat pushing a wheelbarrow full of flowers and two puppies.The ..


Lladro - A Beautiful Bond

Porcelain stoneware figurine of a woman seated in a long light dress showing affection to her son in..


Lladro - A Cheerful Panda (Re-Deco)

Figurine panda bear in matte white porcelain with a flower in hand decorated with silver luster.The ..


Lladro - A Child's Prayer

Porcelain figurine of a child praying with a blue blanket over his legs.A delightful and simple porc..


Lladro - A Circle of Love

Glossy porcelain figurine of a couple with their baby sitting on a sofa highlights in blue and pink ..


Lladro - A Flower's Whisper

Glossy porcelain figurine of a woman in a long white and blue dress with lots of flowers in her hand..


Lladro - A Happy Panda

Porcelain panda bear figurine sitting with a blue flower in his hand.It belongs to a series of four ..


Lladro - A Jolly Panda

Porcelain panda bear figurine with a rose flower in her hand...


Lladro - A Joyful Panda

Glossy porcelain animal figurine with a panda bear lying down playing with a flower she holds in her..


Lladro - A Kiss to Remember

Glossy porcelain figurine of a kiss from the bride and groom with a small bouquet of flowers and flo..


Lladro - A Moment's Rest

Glossy porcelain butterfly figurine in shades of pink and blue on a yellow flower.With their vivid c..


Lladro - A Mother's Embrace

Mother figurine in matte satin green porcelain with her baby in her arms wrapped in a white blanket...


Lladro - A Mothers Treasure

Porcelain stoneware figurine of a mother in a long, simple white dress with her child in her arms co..


Lladro - A Priceless Moment

Glossy porcelain figurine of a couple on a bench, she lies on it playing with her little boy.Calm, l..


Lladro - A Walk Through Blossoms

Issue Year: 2008 Sculptor: Virginia GonzálezSize: 7¾x5½ " ..


Lladro - Adorable Innocence (Special Edition)

Height (in): 6.75Width (in): 3.25Year Issued: 2013Sculptor: Jose Javier Malavia..


Lladro - Adorable Little Marilyn

Issue Year: 2012 Sculptor: José Luis SantesSize: 6¾x3½ " ..


Lladro - African Bond

She goes about her tasks, but her little one goes with her at all times; the unmistakable way of the..


Lladro - African Woman

AFRICAN WOMANIssue Year: 2004 Sculptor: José SantaeulaliaSize: 10¼x7½ " ..