About Us

“Quality is remembered and price is forgotten, providing good quality at great value...people will always come back.”

These are the words of Daryanomal Udernomal Mukhi Alwani who founded Little Europe in 1976 in St Maarten. Until today Little Europe, under the direction of Hiro Alwani, his sons Manoj and Sanjay Alwani and supporting family, continue to redefine luxury through-out the region.

Hiro Alwani, with the strong support of his wife, Naena, transformed the luxury market in the Caribbean by being the first to introduce Piaget and Corum. Celebrities from all over the world flock to St Maarten on their way to St Barths and Anguilla in order to take a piece of ‘Little Europe’ with them. The wide selection of jewelry from the audacious diamonds of deGrisogono to the one-of-a-kind pieces from the Italian brands Cheimento, Damani, Stefan Hafner, Staurino Fratelli, and Pasquale Bruni ensures a steady stream of friends looking for that ‘perfect sparkle’.

St Maarten is home to the first and only Little Europe Jewellers in the Caribbean. Little Europe’s undeniable success is a result of the loyal support and friendship of their clientele who have become family.

In 2008, Little Europe opened the Hublot Boutique, which was the second boutique of its kind to open in the Western Hemisphere. On the eve of Zenith’s 150th Anniversary, Little Europe became the first company in the world to open the first Zenith Boutique on this side of the Atlantic; thereby celebrating their strong partnership with two world renown LVMH brands, just to name a few. Adding Dior and Hermes to their repertoire of brands, along with opening the first Lladro Boutique in the Dutch and French West Indies, continued to elevate Little Europe to the next level.

For these reasons, and more, Little Europe is today considered a Landmark Destination on the Island of St Maarten, bringing an acute version of Paris’ Place Vendome to the Caribbean.

- Little Europe Jewellers